About Us

Rex Bionics’ vision is to deliver mobility to wheelchair users through advanced robotics; where those that have lost their mobility can stand, walk and live active lives in their community.

Rex Bionics Plc (The Rex Bionics Group) is the global technology leader in robotic walking devices (REX). Uniquely, REX® provides independent mobility to wheelchair users and other mobility impaired persons using advanced robotic technology, custom-designed electromechanical actuators, precision engineering, and specialised networking systems.

The key differentiator of REX is the fact that it has been designed from the outset to provide mobility to non-ambulatory wheelchair users rather than as a means to enable otherwise fit individuals to lift supra-physiological loads, enhance endurance or aid mobility of those able to walk with crutches.

The device is designed to enable all users to stand and walk.

Rex Bionics’ innovation in robotics provides extensive and varied benefits to REX users who have a unique combination of lifestyle and medical needs. There is extensive public data available which emphasises the health benefits of a person standing and walking.

Today there are two primary REX devices available; an adjustable REX Rehab for use in rehabilitation centres, and a streamlined, fit-for-purpose REX Personal made for each individual’s specific medical and physical requirements enabling the user to perform tasks and functions previously unavailable.

Rex Bionics is a rapidly growing, exciting, innovative organisation which is proud to provide advanced robotics technology to people everywhere.

Step into the Future with REX.