REX Rehab


REX Rehab is the most exciting piece of equipment to hit the rehabilitation scene.

REX Rehab provides rehabilitation centres and hospitals an opportunity to get patients upright and moving, in a way which has never before been achievable.

REX Rehab adjusts to fit each user in less than 5 minutes, meaning that even more people are able to enjoy the physiological and psychological benefits of walking with REX®. Under clinical supervision, patients can be reintroduced to passive joint movement and controlled weight bearing in an extraordinary and exciting way.

The health benefits of standing and walking are well documented. Controlled weight bearing can lessen or slow the loss of bone density, standing and walking helps with bladder and bowel function, and being upright can lessen the risk and severity of pressure sores.

However, REX Rehab does more than help with users’ physical health, the most remarkable effect of REX is the REX Smile. The smile of pure joy that users have when they stand for the first time and the positive impact that simply being upright has on their mental and emotional health.

REX Rehab makes it easier for rehab patients to get excited about the future, and excited about their rehabilitation.