Why REX?

REX® is the world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently controlled robotic walking device.

REX is the first robotic walking device available which:

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REX is 100% self supporting.

No frames, no crutches, no stress. All the benefits of standing and walking, but with minimal impact on the shoulders and leaving the hands free. We understand that, for wheelchair users,  protecting the health of their shoulders is important, as is the ability to use their hands, which is why REX is designed to allow hands-free standing and walking. Working, painting, cooking, or hugging; hands-free.

Sit, stand, walk and turn with a simple joystick control.

REX features a state-of-the-art robotics system. REX Personal has 29 on-board processors, and REX Rehab has 27; providing safety, comfort, convenience, and utility with the slightest touch.

Stability and safety are paramount.

It can be daunting, after being in a wheelchair, to experience the sensation of standing and moving about. This is why REX is designed for maximum stability in every position. Even when powered off while standing, REX won’t be any less stable. REX is built to comply with all relevant safety standards.

REX is designed to be secure and comfortable.

With four double tethered leg straps, an upper harness, and abdominal support, security is simple yet ample. Specially designed cuffs hold the legs firmly, but without creating pressure points. REX is constructed from hospital grade materials, including hypoallergenic, pressure relieving foam padding which prevents pressure areas from forming.

REX is convenient.

Powered by a rechargeable, interchangeable battery, REX Personal can walk continuously for over two hours on one charge, and because REX is designed to be inherently stable, it doesn’t use any power when standing. Spend hours at the work bench, painting, or chatting to friends. REX is designed for life.

Can REX work for you? Find out here: REX | REX P